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Since 1988 we have been installing and servicing security systems in Dufferin County.  Whether you have a residential home in Orangeville or a Commercial business in Alliston, we can help keep you secure.  Our professionally installed Security, Camera or Intercom systems are all serviced by us and with your safety in mind.

Protect your Home, Office, Farm & Business!


Security Monitoring

Why Hire Us?

Experience Matters – as an experienced security professional, we know how to determine the best solution for your needs.

Maintenance & Repair – We service what we sell to keep it operating properly.

System Monitoring – We provide ULC  monitoring station to monitor your system performance.


Businesses with security systems are 3 times less likely to be burglarized!

Security Camera

Protect yourself against…

  • Burglary
  • Vandalism
  • Home Invasion
  • Fire
  • Water or Flood Damage
  • Low Temperature Damage

Let’s Talk…

We are your home and commercial security alarm company. Based in Mulmur, ON. We service customers in: Orangeville, Alliston, Beeton, and across Ontario. Contact Us Today

Solve your securty problems with a monitored system

Security Services

All Seasons Security offers a wide array of professional security solutions in and around Orangeville and Alliston.

Our products offer piece of mind and a deterrent against break-ins, vandalism and fire.  A monitored system is ideal for first and fast detection.  With quick detection of a theft there is a higher chance of item recovery and criminal prosecution.

Enjoy a reduced insurance premium with a professionally installed system and monitoring.

Security for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Properties.