We install a wide array of alarm systems to meet your individual needs, whether it be residential, commercial, retail or industrial.

Did you know?  May 2016 – “OPP have investigated 25 separate Break and Enters in Melancthon, Mulmur and other rural parts of Dufferin County since the New Year.”  As reported in The Orangeville Banner May 13/16


The amount and type of equipment installed is based on premise size and the customer’s individual needs. Although alarm equipment may come in many different shapes and sizes, below are listed some basic equipment which can be installed to comprise a security system.

Touch Screen Keypad allows you to scoll though menu items for your alarm with merely a touch of your finger, no keys to press!
Touch Screen Keypad

We have various keypads of all types and styles to meet any decor. Keypads are used to key your access code to arm or disarm your system, as well as to perform other essential functions of the alarm system.

Infared and microwave motion detectors used to detect intruders
Motion Detector

Motion detectors are used to detect intruders moving within an area. If movement is detected, the motion sensor then triggers the alarm system.

Wireless remotes allow you the convenience of arming and disarming your alarm remotely
Wireless Remote

A wide variety of wireless devices are also available, such as motion sensors, window and door contacts, glass break sensors, smoke detectors including key fobs to remotely arm and disarm your alarm system.

Smoke detectors when connected to an alarm system will initiate a response to the fire department
Smoke Detector

Smoke/carbon monoxide detectors can saves lives and when added to your security system, not only give you warning, but will notify the central station who will dispatch the authorities while you are away from home.

Used to secure doors and windows will trigger the alarm when opened
Magnetic Contact

Magnetic contacts wireless or hard wired are used on doors and windows to trigger your alarm if an intruder should try and gain entry.

Control panel is the main processing center for the alarm system (the brains)
Control Panel

The alarm control panel houses the main electronic mother-board of your alarm system. Eventually all information from keypads and triggering devices comes back to the control panel, which is usually located in the basement next to your hydro service panel.

Glass break detector will "listen" for the sound of breaking glass
Glass Break Detector

Glass-break detectors are great for rooms which have many windows. If a window is smashed, the glass-break detector will listen and trigger the alarm system.

Siren used to warn an intruder they have violated a premise

Alarm sirens are activated when the alarm control panel is triggered by a device (motion detector, door/window contact, etc). The loud and annoying sound output from a siren helps to incite vandals to leave the premise.

Cellular radio can be used for communication backup or alone in place of the standard phone line
Cellular Communicator

Most alarm control panels generally use the standard phone line for alarm communications to a central station. The cellular communicator can be used as a phone line back up or as the primary communications method if no phone line is available.


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